10 most depraved women in the history of mankind


In the history of mankind there were a lot of depraved women. Some of them have become famous for their adventures for hundreds and even thousands of years. Here are 10 of the most vivid examples.

Cleopatra (69-30 BC. E.)

The image of Cleopatra has repeatedly appealed to the world cinema.

Born in Alexandria from one of the concubines of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII of the Macedonian dynasty. Cleopatra received a brilliant education for her time, was smart and quick-witted, fluent in a dozen languages. However, the world fame brought her beauty and loving.

Tradition says that Cleopatra constantly had dozens, if not hundreds of lovers. Moreover, in order to spend the night with the beautiful queen, some were ready to accept death the next morning.

She managed to seduce the legendary Roman commanders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, she gave birth to three children from the latter.

Marc Anthony and became the last love of the ruler of Egypt. Together they committed suicide in order not to be captured by the Emperor Octavian.

Valeria Messalina (17-48 AD)

According to rumors, Messalina kept her own brothel

Was the wife of the Roman emperor Claudius. From adolescence she fell in love with carnal pleasures and indulged in debauchery throughout her later life. They say that Messalina could not miss a single man for whom she felt sympathy.

Also, the depraved empress loved to satisfy commoners in a brothel under an assumed name and did not even take money for her services.

One day she decided to compete with the famous Roman harlot on the number of men, whom each of them will be able to satisfy during the night. And as a result won.

Giovanna I Neapolitan (1326-1382)

Giovanna I Neapolitan barely escaped the massacre of the people after the murder of her husband

The Queen of Naples came from Sicily. She took the throne at the age of 17 years. Despite good manners and education, she had a tendency to debauchery. Giovanna regularly made new lovers and killed unwanted. The disorderly sex life of the queen was very annoying to her husband, Andrew of Hungary, who tried to soothe his wife's passions. However, after some time, the king was found strangled, most likely by the hands of one of John's lovers.

The murder case was investigated by the Papal Curia, the queen was found guilty, but was released from punishment, believing that she was "led by the devil." She had three more husbands, but the slut did not keep loyalty to any of them.

Moreover, the royal person loved to sleep with several men at once, since she was not enough alone.

Maria Saltykova (1701-1752)

Not a single portrait of Maria Saltykova has reached us

Born Princess Golitsyna, later wife of Adjutant General Vasily Saltykov. Was smart, beautiful and loving.

Became known for her passion for the soldiers. She bribed guards in the barracks and made her way there at night. If you believe her contemporaries, a few dozen young soldiers could appease the lustful aristocrat overnight.

At the same time she had also “official” lovers from among the Moscow nobility. For all her life, the princess shared a bed with hundreds, if not thousands of men.

Queen Elizabeth (1709-1762)

Rumor attributed to Elizabeth children from several favorites

Daughter of Peter I, later became the empress of Russia. According to rumors, she, too, from her youth showed a lack of complexes about extramarital affairs. Elizabeth regularly made new favorites, changing them like gloves.

They said that for the night with her it was possible to get a title or rank.

The Empress adored balls and feasts, after which she chose young handsome men and led to her chambers. Already a middle-aged, she continued her dissolute life.

Marquise de Pompadour (1721-1764)

Marquise de Pompadour personally selected for her husband's young mistresses in a mansion called Deer Park

Her real name is Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson. Marquis was the favorite of the French king Louis XV for more than 20 years. The monarch noticed her at a young age at one of the receptions and was captivated by the beauty and charm of the girl. After that, he made Jeanne his mistress for many years, awarding the title of marquise.

She settled down at the royal court and gained fame thanks to a large number of intrigues. Marquise skillfully used her abilities to satisfy men in order to gain influence.

In addition, she became famous for creating her own brothel.

Catherine II (1729-1796)

It is known more than about 20 novels of Catherine II with their favorites

The future empress of Russia was born in Stettin in the family of Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst. Initially her name was Sophia Augusta Frederick. At the age of 18, she was married to Tsar Peter III. From the first appearance at the Russian court, she began to make many lovers. In bed, the queen visited almost all the prominent people of that time.

As a result of a palace coup, her husband was killed, after which slutty life completely engulfed Catherine. She arranged balls, followed by debauchery, seduced foreign diplomats, surrounded herself with young favorites.

It is curious that Catherine had special assistants — maid of honor. They were looking for suitable candidates for the queen, each checking in bed.

Countess du Barry (1746-1793)

The future favorite of the king Countess du Barry began her career as an ordinary prostitute

Another favorite of Louis XV, who replaced the Marquis de Pompadour. Initially, she was a commoner, but the knowledge of male weaknesses helped her to get through to the court through the bed of the king.

Later she became a courtesan, whose services were used by the most distinguished people of Paris.

She was married to the Comte du Barry. Executed on the guillotine for intercourse with the Girondins.

Marie Antoinette (1755-1793)

Marie Antoinette’s husband’s inability to perform marital duties has generated many rumors about his wife’s licentiousness

Born in Vienna in the family of the Austrian emperor Franz I. At 15, the princess was married to the future king of France, Louis XVI.

It soon became clear that her husband was suffering from impotence. Then the girl found solace in balls and masquerades.

The rumor claims that she sinned with everyone, becoming famous even in the most depraved French court at that time. She was sentenced to the guillotine after the revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy.

Gala Dali (1894-1982)

Salvador Dali bought his wife a castle, which she forbade him to visit without her written permission

Elena Dyakonova is better known as Gala Dali - the wife of Salvador Dali. Throughout her life, she was distinguished by loving and liberating. She slept with everyone, including friends and acquaintances of her husband. She adored group sex and constantly arranged orgies.

Already being in old age, she spent a lot of money on young lovers.

For the night of 70-year-old Gala, it was possible to get a villa or a mansion. She did not hesitate to visit brothels. Died at age 87 in Spain.

As you can see, most of the women on the list were smart, educated, and well-mannered. And perhaps their secret of seduction lies not so much in appearance as in charm and the ability to deal with men.