Timati's Former and Present Passions met on his anniversary

Timati invited the former girl to celebrate a birthday.

On the network, Timati’s personal life is noisy. This time, the occasion of the rumors was the anniversary of the singer, who spent in Monte Carlo. The reason for gossip was the presence at the celebration of the former girl rapper Alena Shishkova.

Users have already decided that the guy broke up with his current chosen one, Anastasia Reshetova, but mother Timati made an explanation with her post. Simona Albertovna told that Alyona, like Anastasia, spent the 35th birthday of Timati on a yacht, which was specially filmed for this event. Based on this statement, the rumors about the enmity of the two models seem far-fetched and meaningless. It seems that the current passion of the rapper communicates well with his daughter and they have fun together. But is it?