Son Ozzy Osbourne beat his wife's boyfriend

The victim refused to press charges against the son of a rock star.

32-year-old Jack Osborne found her new boyfriend in the house of his wife Liza and lost her temper. The police received a call about a fight between two men, but when the outfit arrived on the scene, the assailant had already calmed down, and his rival reacted with understanding and did not sue.

Two months ago, the couple announced that they were taking a break in the relationship. Spouses have been married for 5 years and have three daughters.

According to Lisa, she and Jack had a fight, and her partner just wanted to stand up for the girl. However, Osborne did not expect to see another man in the house of his wife and a conflict broke out between them.

Earlier, the Osborne couple declared that they loved and respected each other, but decided to remain good friends. According to them, this should not prevent the upbringing of their joint children. But as it turned out, Jack still counts on family reunion.