Japanese style makeup photos: nothing extra

Each country has its own characteristics not only in clothing, culture, but also in the cosmetic field. So, the Japanese make-up differs in special tenderness and refinement.

The main features of the makeup in the Japanese style

In Japan, there are several types of makeup: stage or anime make-up, geisha, as well as everyday. We will talk about the latter. It is characterized by:

  • ideally smooth light skin;
  • light blush;
  • large eyes with an oriental slit;
  • long eyelashes;
  • bright lips with a clear outline.

20 photo ideas

Begin by leveling your skin tone. To do this, use a resistant tool with a dense texture 1-2 shades lighter than natural.

One of the main features of the Japanese-style make-up is the creation of arrows with black eyeliner, which emphasize the shape of the eyes.

Eyebrows can not be corrected at all or underlined with pencil, shadows.

The Japanese-style make-up looks great not only on Asians, but also on girls of European appearance, including Russians.

Japanese makeup helps to create a puppet image that is perfect for a photo shoot.

It is considered that such a make-up is suitable only for brunettes. In fact, Japanese make-up is universal and can be used for any type of appearance.

Many famous makeup artists in their works use Japanese-style makeup or some of its techniques.

Japanese makeup is appropriate for creating everyday images. In addition, you can use it in special cases. So, this type of makeup perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the bride and her bridesmaids.