The strongest pair of Russian showbiz broke up?

The relationship of Michael and Tatiana lasted about 20 years. However, the last few years they live separately from each other. Tatiana in Spain, and Michael in Moscow. According to Lazareva, while none of them filed for divorce, and perhaps they will still be together.

Mikhail Schatz and Tatyana Lazareva have always been a very bright pair of Russian television. However, no matter what, their relationship is over. It became known that Tatyana has been living in Spain for the last two years, and her husband in Moscow. Their common daughter, Antonina, lives with her mother in Marbella and goes to school there.

According to Lazareva, she had long thought about moving to the Mediterranean coast. And having arrived once in Spain for a couple of weeks, Tatiana ventured to stay there to live. Comedian admitted that she rents an apartment, and housing prices she was pleasantly surprised.

It is worth noting that in Moscow there is nothing that could keep her from drastic changes in life. According to her, everyone accepted the news about moving normally, except for her husband. Now Tatiana and Mikhail are going through a new period of life separately from each other.

The TV presenter believes that one marriage forever is a relic of the past. Tatiana said that they are still close to each other with Mikhail. They want to be together again, but have not yet solved this new and interesting task for them. In a recent interview, Lazarev shared that she appreciates his honesty in her husband. According to her, for all the years of their life together they have not had adultery. If her side had new feelings, she would have left both her children and her husband.