Spark Lawrence before and after gaining weight: photos that will surprise!

Known in the modeling business for its curvaceous blonde once was thinner and fit. It is interesting to compare Spark Lawrence in the photo before and after she gained weight.

She was born September 11, 1990 in the city of Worcester in the UK.

During her school years, the girl performed in swimming competitions as part of the national team, and at the age of 15 she was accepted to the National Youth Theater.

Spark dreamed of becoming an actress, but fate brought her into the modeling business. In 13 years a bright and slim blonde with blue eyes noticed the editors of the glamorous magazine ELLE and signed a contract with her.

After some time, the girl began to gain extra pounds. Moreover, neither diet nor enhanced exercise did not lead to a decrease in weight gain. The magazine terminated the contract with a plump model, and Spark herself fell into despair.

Lawrence tried a bunch of diets, tortured the body with physical exertion, and in the end nearly undermined health.

The girl took herself in hand and sent the photo to modeling agencies and magazines. She was invited to the company to advertise lingerie for women with curvaceous.

Now Spark is known in America and Europe, is the face of the brand #AerieREAL.

Lawrence is a supporter of bodipositive, does not retouch his pictures and prohibits other agencies from doing so.

Spark does not sit on diets, eats everything, but in moderation. She is the ambassador for NEDA, the national association for digestive disorders.

The model does not hesitate to demonstrate cellulite and encourages all women with forms to love and accept themselves.