Former wife Krasko declared pregnancy

Natalia Vyal claims that the artist is not the father of the child.

After the divorce from Natalia Shevel, Ivan Krasko expressed his intention to return to his former wife. Married to Natalia Vyal, the actor had two sons, and now the man often visits his former family. But as it turned out, Natalya does not plan to renew relations with her former spouse, moreover, she has a new boyfriend, from whom she may be pregnant. The other day this difficult situation became the subject of public hearings on the air.

Vyal refused to pass a lie detector precisely because she may be pregnant by director Alexander Bolshakov.

Krasko was insulted after learning about the ex-spouse's connection with another. It is especially curious that Natalya Shevel, who sometimes meets with Bolshakov, promulgated these relations and asked him to install a camera in order to photograph his communication with Vyal.