Voting on the show "Voice. Children" turned out to be honest - the media

Petersburg company did not detect falsification of the results of the scandalous project.

Despite the fact that netizens, like many stars, doubted that Mikella Abramova won the project fairly, some experts have already conducted an internal audit and have not found anything abnormal in the results. Earlier, rumors appeared in the network that in some regions employees of entire enterprises were allegedly obliged to vote for the daughter of Yana Abramov and Alsou. But there was no confirmation of this.

A statement about the fair course of voting was made in the media by a firm from St. Petersburg, SMS Services. It was this organization that was responsible for counting the votes in the final. Nevertheless, the experts attracted by the First Channel for verification have not yet summarized their results - preliminary data should appear by the end of this week, but the main part will be covered only in June.