Malinin's ex-wife confessed to a fake DNA test

Singer Olga Zarubina said that she had a daughter from a longtime suitor.

For 8 years now, singer Olga Zarubina has been trying to hold the former spouse of Alexander Malinin accountable. The woman believes that since the singer does not recognize their common daughter Kira and does not communicate with her, the girl became depressed. However, the other day Olga called another man Kira's real father. In the air of one of the TV shows, she said that at that time she had met both Malinin and businessman Konstantin Sobolevsky, whom she later parted for the sake of a musician. Now Konstantin is again seeking the location of Zarubina, including expensive gifts - he recently presented her with a mansion and a foreign car. The singer, however, first brought a young lover, whom she soon broke up with, but now she is going to build a family with a longtime boyfriend.

Konstantin Sobolevsky

The star even showed a certificate about a DNA test made in America, the results of which indicate Sobolevsky's paternity. But Malinin’s lawyers were able to prove that Zarubina falsified this document. Olga admitted to deception, but stressed that her daughter deserves a better father than a singer who does not want to see her.