Throwing drugs, Borisova became a nymphomaniac

The star admitted how she threw herself at the men after the rehabilitation.

Two years ago for the first time it became known about the dependence of Dana Borisova. The star could not refuse the drugs that began to destroy her life - her relationship with her mother deteriorated, her friends turned away from her, and her daughter moved to live with her father. Then Dana voluntarily went to rehab in Thailand, where, according to her, she was reborn. Since then, Borisov does not take drugs and alcohol. She doesn’t like to remember the process of her rehabilitation, but recently she told fans what unexpected consequences she faced.

According to her, having excluded drugs from life, she began to look for thrills in casual relationships. Dana admitted that she actually rushed at the men. After three months of her sex-holism, she began taking pills prescribed by the doctor, and nymphomania is in the past.