Snow White from Russia: Anastasia Zhidkova model

Muscovite Anastasia Zhidkova - an example of a revolution in the world of well-established model beauty.

An albino girl with white skin, like pure snow, fascinates from the first
look with their unique charisma and

23-year-old graduate of one of the capital's law schools is quite popular
model and signed a permanent contract with one of the largest modeling agencies. The girl takes part in various
fashion shows and photo shoots, which is due to the unusual appearance, which distinguishes her from thousands of other female workers of this

In addition to her main activity, Nastya is fond of singing and is the owner
YouTube channel, which puts a variety of music videos. She also adores Eastern culture and
engaged in the study of the Japanese language, is interested in anime. Here she is also in demand as a model - Anastasia
participated in the shooting for the model agency Zucca Models from the country of ascending
the sun.

The number of subscribers to Nastya’s account in instagram is more than 100 thousand people from
most different countries. An albino girl knows the taste of success, but cannot boast self-confidence - teenage
she experienced a rather difficult age. Model terribly shy natural uniqueness and in every way tried to hide
your appearance. Then Anastasia did not even suspect that the deviation could be one of its main advantages.
But albinism also has disadvantages - the girl is forced to wear contact lenses and avoid being under the open for a long time.
the sun even in cold weather
of the year.

Fortunately, all the complexes of this successful representative of the modeling business remained in their teens, and Nastya was able to prove to others and above all to herself that being different from everyone was not a curse but a gift.