Hollywood's most avid womanizer: George Clooney's women


George Clooney was widely known not only because of his acting talent, who gave him many roles in various movies, but also the reputation of a notable bachelor and ladies' man. Indeed, there were quite a few women in the life of an actor.

The heart of the famous bachelor constantly rushing from one beauty to another - in the arms of Clooney were visited by many attractive women in Hollywood. And this is not surprising, since few are able to resist under the pressure of such an impressive and charismatic man. Recall all the fair sex with whom the famous lovellas twisted romance.

Didi Pfeiffer

At the very beginning of 1981, Clooney struck up a relationship with Michelle Pfeiffer’s younger sister, Didi. Very little is known about the romantic relationship of this couple, and the reason for their separation remains a mystery. George and his companion got acquainted on the set of the movie "Red Surf", and when the work on the film was finished, they separated.

A few years later, Clooney met with the older sister of his former girlfriend on the set of the film One Day. And he and Michel even exchanged a few jokes about the past.

Kelly preston

Kelly Preston linked relations with Clooney for a length of 2 years - from 1987 to 1989. During this time, the girl managed to give George a domestic pig named Max, who stayed with the actor after parting with Preston.

Later, Kelly will connect herself with another famous Hollywood womanizer Charlie Sheen, but their union will not last long and eventually she will marry John Travolta in 1991.

Talia Bolsam

Talia Balsam became the first woman who managed to drag a born bachelor under the crown. Their wedding took place in Las Vegas in 1989, after which the marriage lasted 4 years. The divorce was due to the fact that Clooney did not allow the girl to be with him on an equal footing and constantly pressed on his wife with his authority.

When George was left alone again, he stated that marriage with Talia was a mistake, and the experience of family life did not suit him at all. After that, the actor gave his word never again and with no one to tie the knot.

Kimberly russell

Six months after the divorce, the young womanizer started a new passion - black actress Kimberley Russell. With the girl, the actor met during the filming of a commercial, and their romance lasted 3 years. Clooney, as promised, did not step on the same rake and refused to register the marriage with his girlfriend.

"At the beginning of your relationship, he disorientates you with his romanticism and treats you as if you are the only woman on the planet. If you talk about children or marriage, the relationship will end. With George you need to be able to live one day and be pleased with it. Such a person is not created for family and children, "said a woman in an interview after the break.

Karen duffy

The next victim of Clooney's seductive spell was Karen Duffy - the TV presenter of one of the music channels. Their romance did not last long - just a few months.

During this time, the couple managed to appear together in front of the cameras at the Emmy ceremony in 1995, clearly enjoying each other's company. After parting, Karen and George remained friends and supported communication.

Celine Balitran

In 1996 in France on the set of motion pictures "Peacemaker" the actor met a 23-year-old waitress Celine Balitran, whom she instantly fell in love with.

The girl was studying law at the time, and after classes she worked in a cafe. For the sake of the new lover, Balitran even dropped out of school. After several months, the couple moved to Los Angeles and lived together for 3 years.

Lisa snowdon

TV presenter and model from Great Britain met Clooney during the filming of the alcohol production in early 2000. And so began their relationship, which lasted as much as 5 years.

In 2004, the sweethearts jointly attended the premiere of the film “The Bourne Supremacy”, and two months later they parted.

Christa Allen

But in fact, the cause of Clooney's disagreement with Snowden was the irrepressible lovemaster's parallel affair with American actress Christa Allen. The relationship of these two began due to the fact that Clooney gave the girl an important role in the film "The recognition of a dangerous person."

The secret romance of actors lasted 2 years, but Krista still left her boyfriend. In early 2006, the former beloveds attempted to restore their union, but it was unsuccessful.

Sarah larson

Sarah Larson is a member of the popular in the US show "Fear Factor" and a modest waitress. Fate connected her with an already elderly actor absolutely by accident.

Thanks to her admirer, Sarah bade farewell to the old position and signed an agreement with one of the Los Angeles model agencies, after cooperating with People Magazine, the newly-created model was added to the list of the most attractive women of 2008. In the same year, the couple announced their break.

Elisabetta Canalis

After the break in relations with the waitress, the new darling of George became an actress from Italy Elizabetta Canalis. Their acquaintance took place in the girl’s homeland, not far from the actor’s country house. The union of lovers looked pretty serious, and journalists continually trumpeted about their possible wedding soon.

This time Clooney decided on a serious step and introduced his soul mate to his mother. However, the girl, it seems, was overly eager for a wedding and often dedicated newspapermen to her fantasies. George did not like this very much. He did not want to share the details of his personal life with the press. As a result, the couple was waiting for a break, and in 2011 the Hollywood favorite of women became free again

Stacy Kibler

The subsequent choice of an actor fell on Stacy Kibler - an actress and model, and in the past a professional wrestler.

Clooney noted that in addition to the outstanding appearance, the girl attracted his lack of zeal in relations with obligations. The freedom-loving actor really appreciated this quality in his companion, but after 2 years, Stacey still wanted something more stable, which was the reason for the break.

Amal Alamuddin (Clooney)

Amal Alamuddin, an English lawyer with roots from Lebanon, became the second woman in the life of Clooney, whose attempt to drag him down the aisle was successful.

With the sexiest lawyer in London, which the girl was recognized by the version of Your Barrister Boyfriend, the actor met at a charity reception. Amal charmed George with her beauty and finished off with inaccessibility, responding with a refusal to the offer to exchange contacts.

But Clooney was in no hurry to accept defeat and continued his attempts to win the heart of an attractive lawyer through emails. As a result, Alamuddin still could not resist the charming pressure of the ladies' man.

Already a few months later a couple noticed in the Seychelles. November 27, 2014 beloved married, and after 2 years and 6 months, Amal presented the actor twins: son Alexander and daughter Ella.

His promise never to marry an eternal bachelor George Clooney still did not keep and turned out to be in front of the wedding altar for the second time. At the same time there are a lot of rumors that the couple face a divorce. The latest data says that after a quarrel, Amal took the children and left home, and last week's news states: Amal is determined and does not allow the actor to meet with the twins, no matter what attempts he takes.

Officially, George and Amalia did not comment on what the relationship between them is now. On this issue, the actor tries to minimize contact with the press.