Julian and Anastasia are preparing for the wedding

The couple have already filed an application in the registry office, despite the recent scandal live.

Very soon - literally in a month - the wedding of the stars of the 90s Julian and Anastasia will take place. For the singer, this marriage will be the seventh in a row, she even managed to get married with one of her spouses. Julian is getting married for the first time. But the other day the happiness of the couple was almost under threat. Lovers appeared in one of the TV shows, where they talked about the preparations for the wedding. But their plans were interrupted by one of the ex-spouses of the singer Vladimir Zudin.

The man shared a video with the press, in which Anastasia hosted a young man. The cameras show that the guy walks through the mansion of the singer, who, by the way, was presented to her by Julian, in one towel and gently embraces the star. After what he saw, Julian ran out of the hall, but then he cooled down and returned, removing all his anger at Zudin. The wedding with Anastasia, he said, he will not cancel.