The personal life of the stars: the elusive John Cusack


John Cusack fans are called one of the most attractive men in Hollywood, but despite this status, the actor is still not married.

They share the opinion of fans about the attractiveness of John and his colleagues in the shop - Cusack managed to spin the novels with many actresses in Hollywood. Despite the striking success of women, the actor prefers not to spread about his adventures, and many of his relationships remain in the press without details. In addition to the fleeting in love and intrigues, it is known about 19 companions of John, with whom he associated himself with relationships.

Janice Dickinson

Relations with the model Janice Dickinson came at the beginning of the 80s. Hollywood celebrities put drugs and group orgies into a cult at the time, and Janice was a frequent visitor to such events. The girl did not hide her bisexuality and passion for prohibited substances, which are addicted after the first marriage. It was at one of these sex parties and she met John Cusack. Build a long-term relationship with the couple did not work, but their fleeting intrigue remembered in Hollywood for a long time.

Melissa gilbert

American actress and writer Melissa Gilbert met John in 1983 at the age of 19. At that time, the girl had already received a marriage proposal from actor Rob Low, but he left her when he learned that his lover was pregnant, and Melissa had a miscarriage on the nerves. It was then that Gilbert went all down and met Cusack. The couple didn’t have any relations as such, but the actors could not hide the information about the short-lived romance.

Jamie gertz

Cusack's relationship with American actress Jamie Gertz also dates back to 1983. How long it lasted is unknown, but the couple was not in a long relationship.

Lily taylor

Five years later, the actor intersects with American actress Lily Taylor, with whom they are also linked by a short-term romance of a couple of weeks. The meeting took place in the actor's society, whose representatives often introduced their friends to each other.

Uma Thurman

The relationship between Uma Thurman and the actor came in 1992 and did not last long. But after the break, the couple remained friends, and the actress who played Mia Wallace in Quentin Tarantino’s cult film Pulp Fiction even advised the director to get John to play the role of a drug dealer named Lance, which was written specifically for him. But for some reason, Cusack did not succeed in playing this character, and his place went to Eric Stolz. Since then, the friendship of Uma and John has been preserved, and they get along perfectly well to this day.

Gina Gershon

The meeting with Gina Gershon, a 30-year-old at the time, an American writer, singer and actress, took place immediately after her separation from Uma Thurman. The couple has traditionally been tied up with a short relationship, after which Cusack set out again for free swimming.

Suzanne Melvoin

Unlike previous relationships, Cusack's alliance with vocalist and songwriter Suzanne Melvoin lasted a long 3 years. The couple did not disclose any particular details about their relationship.

Amelia Fiona "Minnie" Driver

Meet Minnie happened on the set of the movie "Murder at Gross Point." Relationships of the couple lasted a little less than a year, but the Driver herself characterized them like this: "For me, an affair with a brilliant schizophrenic was better than any drama courses."

Alison eastwood

Alison Eastwood, daughter of Clint Eastwood - American actress, producer, director, model, and even the singer. It seems that this girl did absolutely everything for whatever she took, but she did not manage to marry John Cusack on herself. Union couples lasted about a year.

Niv Campbell

The actress is from Canada and was able to spend 4 years with Cusack. Meeting with John for Niv was a rescue after a divorce from Jeff Colt, thanks to which the Canadian was able to fully devote herself to new relationships. Perhaps, for the first time, John was very serious and even gave his lover a diamond ring worth 20 thousand dollars, but the couple had not reached it before the wedding.

Meg Ryan

From 2002 to 2003, the Hollywood bachelor met with actress and producer Meg Ryan. John once said that he had always dreamed of a relationship with a woman who would be older than him, but in the end the couple did not find their common happiness.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Relationships with Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2003 became another affair of Cusack. The funny fact that the actress told the press was the words of John on the first date - the man asked if they could sleep right away to finish early because he needed to get up early.

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe


Record holder for the duration of the relationship with John Cusack became Jodi Lin O'Keefe, an American actress and model - their romance lasted 6 years. Once, lovers went on holiday to Florida, where Cusack reported that they were waiting for a serious conversation. Jody expected the actor to make her an offer, and was ready to say yes, but instead John told her about the breakup, after which the couple never spoke again.

Brooke burns

Cusack's latest novel dates back to 2010 and lasted a “classic” couple of months. Actress Brooke Burns, as her friend told reporters, always loved caring men, and John himself needed attention, which is why the couple fell apart.


There are a lot of rumors around the person of the actor, judging by which he also had relations with such stars as: Alexander Kerry, Rebecca Romain, fashion designer Shoshanna Lonstein, political activist Huma Abedin and English actress Claire Forlani. The actor himself did not give any comments on this issue, but did not deny any connection with these girls.

A considerable number of novels did not allow John to find true love and become an exemplary family man. Perhaps fate will still give him such a chance, and the famous Hollywood bachelor will finally find his happiness.