14 years after they met, Rafael Nadal made an offer to his girlfriend

The couple is preparing for the wedding.

32-year-old Rafael Nadal decided to legitimize the relationship with his chosen one. For 14 years, he met Hiska Perelha, whom he had known since childhood.

When Raphael turned 18, he realized that he was in love with his sister's friend. The young man did not hesitate and confessed his feelings. However, he was in no hurry to legitimize the relationship.

Since 2005, Khiska and Raphael began dating. During this time, the tennis player has never been seen with other girls and was not credited with love affairs on the side. To the surprise of many, the athlete turned out to be a monotone.

Some were tormented by the question of why the athlete had not made an offer to his chosen one over the long 14 years and had not married her. Nadal just shrugged, without giving a concrete answer.

But it turned out that the athlete decided to legalize the relationship. Now the couple is preparing for the wedding, which should be held in the fall. The wedding of lovers will be held in Mallorca, the birthplace of the groom.