Sports dog Artemy Panarin: this is who he owes to such a brilliant game!

There is an opinion that often pets are a reflection of their owners. Artemy Panarin's dog is a clear confirmation of this.

The Russian forward of the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team and his beloved Alice Znarok have a four-legged friend - Jack Russell Terrier with a simple but sonorous name Mr. Red. The owners, being on a wave of trends, have registered their instagram account for him.

From the photo it may seem that the dog has nothing to do with the traditional ideas about this breed: Milo from the Mask immediately comes to mind. However, such a species (presumably light brocade or raf) is valued no less than the smooth-haired species, although less popular.

Mr. Auburn is a very active dog who will never miss a chance to fight Artemy in any sporting event. A pet plays hockey with a ball, swims, goes for a run, and also cuts it on a bicycle along with its owner.

This is how Artemy trains at home: the secret of the video game

But not only sporting events are remarkable life of the dog. He, like any other dog, loves walks, games, healthy sleep and of course sharing photos with his owners.

Artemy and Alice do not care about the soul in their pet and try to attach him to all family matters. For example, for the celebration of Halloween, they took care not only about their costumes, but also about the outfit for their sports pet.

Moreover, this tradition has become an annual for the family, to which Mr. Auburn seems to be very happy.

Halloween follows winter, and the dog, like a real hockey player, is not afraid of either snow or ice and frolics with joy in cold weather.

And for a good walk, as one would expect, there should always be well-deserved rest and healthy sleep.

Sports four-legged friend of the famous player of the Russian national hockey team is ready for the owner to the fire and into the water. Isn't that a confirmation that dogs have a soul?