Through thorns to Agate and back: Aleksey Chadov's personal life

Alexey Chadov is a Russian actor who has achieved success not only in filming, but also among representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

Like all representatives of creative professions, Alexey was never deprived of women's attention and always had a large selection of wonderful companions who accompanied him at different periods of his life.

Oksana Akinshina

The actor got acquainted with Oksana Akinshina during joint filming, on which a whirling romance spun. Everything could have gone even before the wedding, but at the end of the work on the film, the feelings were dulled and the couple decided to break up, never having managed to seal their relationship with marriage.

Agnia Ditkovskite

As was the case with the previous companion, Alexey met Lithuanian actress Agnia Ditkovskite on the joint shooting of the film “Heat” in 2006. The couple's romance lasted for 3 years, but windy Chad fell in love with another girl and the couple had to part for a while.

Asel Sagatova

It was Asel Sagatova who caused the break between Alexey and Agnia Ditkovskite - the actor was intoxicated with beauty and instantly fell in love with a colleague in the filming department. Like his previous lovers, Chadov met Assel on the set, where they played lovers. After they ended, the feelings smoothly migrated to real life, but over time the passion died away, the interest disappeared and the couple was forced to disperse.

Mika newton

Following Assel, the singer Mika Newton came into the life of the actor. Fans of the star couple had already hoped that their pets would play the wedding, but to their disappointment this did not happen. Lovers looked pretty good together and could claim to be one of the most beautiful couples of Russian show business, but their relationship ended earlier. After the union of the actor and singer left a joint song called "Freedom"

Return to Agnes Ditkovskite

The next joint filming in the series "Matter of Honor" made the feelings of the former actors together sizzle with a new force. This time, their romance developed quite rapidly, and inspired by the love of Chad, his lover made an offer to marry him. Agnia agreed and the couple played the wedding.

After a couple of years of marriage, the couple had a child, a son named Fedor, but even this fact could not help preserve the acting tandem of the relationship. The couple’s family life was rife with scandals and quarrels, Agniya was jealous of Alexei, who was always popular with women, and in the end they decided to file for divorce.

Now the actor, together with his former wife, is raising a son, trying to give the boy the love of a full-fledged family, but they still fail to revive their old relationships.