Lopyreva hinted at pressure from the ex-wife of her boyfriend

It was only at the beginning of the year that it turned out that the father of the future child, Victoria Lopyryova, was a businessman Igor Bulatov. The piquancy of the situation added that Igor was married to Vika's girlfriend, Tate Karapetyan, who bore him a second child less than a year ago.

Representatives of Bulatov said that the businessman had long since divorced his wife. However, a little later, Tata admitted that she had learned about Igor’s infidelity only from the media.

Victoria Lopyreva and Tata Karapetyan

Haters perked up in Victoria’s profile comments, and the model responds aggressively to some of the comments. So, Lopyreva took one of her subscribers for Karapetyan, having decided that she was writing from a fake account. The model stressed that if the husband was so bad, then why return him, and urged not to express complaints online using fake profiles, but to call and discuss in person.