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Actor Pavel Priluchny has many different pets. What is missing a man who has assembled a menagerie? That's right - another dog!

Popular Russian actor Pavel Priluchny is familiar to his fans in the role of an avid animal lover both in cinema and in real life. During his career, he starred with a variety of animals: monkeys, horses and even owls.

The first pet in the Priluchny's house was a small chihuahua named Benny, but the dog had to say goodbye - the animal turned out to be very capricious. Pesik could not cope with the addition of the actor in the family, he was jealous of the child and clashed with him, even biting the baby a couple of times, after which the dog moved to Alexei's wife's friend, Agate Muceniece.

During Benny’s lifetime, the Priluchny’s house was replenished with two more four-legged friends: a cat named Sullivan of the Scottish Fold breed, and also the Staffordshire Terrier Valli.

The animals in the actor's family were very small, but thanks to love and care, as well as excellent training, they were able to grow up healthy and handsome.

Unlike the previous dog Paul, despite his fighting breed, the Staffordshire Terrier Valli gets on well with the child. The problems that caused Benny to part with did not arise for the Priluchnyhs. On the contrary, Valli loves the child very much, plays with him and allows himself to squeeze.

A year ago, Paul bought another puppy chihuahua, despite the protest of his wife - apparently missed Benny. Judging by one of the few photographs of a new four-legged friend, he has no problems with the children in the family.

All animals in the house Priluchny thoroughbred. But, for example, Sergey Lazarev has exclusively shelter and outbred.