Pixie-bob haircut for short and medium hair: fresh and perky!


In terms of attitudes towards short haircuts, women are conditionally divided into two camps. One half is convinced that the girls after such changes are like boys. Others - that short hair is refreshing and makes the image attractive. Pixie-bob - a haircut, which relished both. She looks feminine, but at the same time bold and dynamic.

When did the haircut

Pixie-bob haircut is characterized by elongated strands on the face, volume on the crown and short hair at the back. It came from the combination of two haircuts: the classic "bean" and avant-garde "pixie" with asymmetrical features. The first allegedly went from the foxtrot dancer Irene Castle, who cut off her long hair: they interfered with her dancing.

The founder of the second was Audrey Hepburn, whose boyish haircut was associated with those around him with an elf or fairy (from the English pixie - fairy, elf).

A curious fact: also "pikibob" is the name of a cat breed. It is also a pretty creature, but doesn’t pull on a fairies

Who is suitable for a haircut

Pixie-bob is suitable for girls who have:

  • thin, weak hair (hairstyle adds volume);
  • round or square face (the ideal shape is chosen due to the displacement of the volume and long strands at the temples);
  • oblong oval face (it recommends a straight-banged pixie bob to harmonize proportions);
  • full cheeks or pronounced cheekbones (to hide this nuance, use blackout when coloring).

Full girls and women haircut is contraindicated. It completely opens the neck and makes the silhouette visually heavy, because of which the owner is not in the best light.

Performance technology in the cabin

The hairstyle is done in several layers and implies a thorough study of each strand. Technique wizard may vary depending on the type of haircut. Standard execution scheme looks like this:

  1. The master separates the triangle from the temple to the temple, capturing the crown. Divides the head into 2 parts with a vertical parting, and then - horizontal into 4 parts.
  2. Trimming from the neckline to the back of the head, gradually adding length to the hair. Then, on the crown, a central strand is selected, which is cut with a sling. According to its level, the occipital zone will be processed.
  3. The parietal part is cut from the crown, the hair is divided into horizontal strands. The remains of parietal locks are combed together with bangs on one side and are clipped diagonally.
  4. The ear rim area is processed from the temporal part. Strands are cut diagonally with elongation to the face. Cut the "strand on the strand", moving from the sides to the center parting.

After finishing the haircut, dry hair is passed by thinning scissors.

Photo ideas for short hair

Pixie bob for short hair is a classic version that suits ladies of any age. Very effectively it looks with a slanting bang. If the hair is cut as much as possible, the haircut will resemble a male.

Ideas for medium length hair

More elongated version than the previous one. Hair of medium length in this case can be laid in different ways. The master can pick up an asymmetrical version of a female haircut or classic with bangs of any length.

Important! Haircut is not suitable for long hair. If the owner of a chic length intends to change the image so drastically, she must first remove the length to the maximum, and then continue to cut like a pixie-bob.

Pixie bob with and without bangs

Long bangs make the image feminine and dynamic.

Haircut with the addition of short fringe suitable romantic refined natures, it refreshes the face and makes it younger.

Ideas for curly and straight hair

Girls with small curls haircut will not work. The hairstyle will be very difficult to style, especially with short strands. On wavy hair, a pixie bob will create a romantic and feminine look. It will look better on dark strands.

If the hair is straight and hard, you need to add a cascade and make a graduation.

Will adult women fit

Women over 40 and 50 usually try to rejuvenate their image and give it freshness. According to their reviews, a pixie bob hairstyle is perfect for this purpose. This is the perfect choice of women in whose soul reigns youth, despite the number in the passport.

There is no more universal haircut than a pixie bob. It will suit almost any girl and will allow you to create a mass of images: from bold to exciting and romantic.