Russian actresses with atypical beauty: when the most important thing is talent


Many believe that in order to get on the television screen, girls necessarily need an outstanding appearance or a perfect body, but this is far from being the case. A lot of both domestic and foreign actresses proved by their example to the whole world that appearance is not the main thing and that an aspiring artist who possesses natural charisma and acting talent can become world famous without a ton of makeup and silicone.

Nelli Uvarova

Nelli Uvarova is a talented Russian actress with Lithuanian roots. She was born in Mažekai, Lithuania on March 14, 1980. Career girl on television begins in 1999 with a little-known film called "Fly!". Earlier, the actress played in several theatrical productions, and also starred in the music video of the group Lube for the song "Guys from our yard".

The popularity of the actress brought the role of Catherine Pushkareva in the television series "Do not be born beautiful", thanks to which Nellie acquired a lot of fans. She also participated in the creation of a clip of Julia Savicheva on the title track to the series.

The latest work of the actress at the moment was the series "Adaptation", which premiered in 2017 on TNT.

Olesya Zheleznyak

Despite her charisma and comedic talent, Olesya Zheleznyak is rather difficult to call a beauty from the television screen. The popularity of the actress brought participation in the comedy "Lily of the Valley silver" together with Alexander Tsekalo.

One of the most memorable characters played by Olesya was the girlfriend of the main character of the TV series "My Fair Nanny". Even more famous, this actress became after the shooting in the family television series "Swat".

She also played in a variety of theatrical productions, thanks to which she was awarded several awards and prizes for various roles.

Inna Churikova

Inna Churikova is the same case in domestic cinema, when appearance doesn’t have any meaning at all. The talent that nature gave the actress is simply undeniable and appreciated by her husband Gleb Panfilov, who is trying to shoot Churikov in each of his paintings.

Behind Inna Mikhailovna are filming in such legendary domestic films as: “I walk across Moscow”, “Morozko”, “Cook”, “That same Myunghausen” and many others.

During her career, Churikova received more than 30 awards in various nominations, and in 2018 she became a holder of the Order For Services to the Fatherland, I degree, for her great contribution to the development of culture and art.

Irina Gorbacheva

Irina Gorbacheva does not possess a classically beautiful appearance and does not attract much attention, but exactly until the moment when the viewer sees her game.

During her ten-year career, Irina managed to get several Golden Masks, the Golden Eagle Award, and Nika for the best female roles in theater and cinema.

One of the most significant work of the actress was the role of Catherine in the film by Boris Khlebnikov called "Arrhythmia". The film received many awards and greatly increased the public interest in the undisputed acting talent of Irina.

Alisa Grebenshchikova

Alisa Grebenshchikov, daughter of the well-known musician Boris Grebenshchikov, is the case when natural charm and charisma completely dominate human beauty. The actress was able to get out of the shadow of her father and become a full-fledged creative unit with an extraordinary memorable appearance and game.

On account of Alice, more than 30 theatrical performances and productions, as well as about 60 different films and serials.

For one of her comedic roles, Grebenshchikova was awarded the prize named after Faina Ranevskaya for the best female role.

Lia Akhedzhakova

Despite the fact that Liya Akhedzhakova was the owner of talent and a whole arsenal of acting skills, in Soviet times she was considered a very typical actress and practically did not receive romantic female roles. What is the reason for the absence of love lines in the role of the actress is unknown to this day, but this does not make her images less charming and loved by the viewer.

During her long career, Lia Medzhidovna has played in a large number of theatrical productions and performances, as well as in more than 50 films, among which were such masterpieces as: “Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears”, “Office Romance” and “Irony of Fate, or With Easy ferry!". Sparkling and fascinating play of the actress was appreciated not only by one generation, who grew up on her work, for which Akhedzhakova was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR and many other awards.

Daria Moroz

Daria Moroz is a Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, who also has a specific appearance that does not fit into modern ideals of beauty.

Despite this fact, the actress, thanks to her charisma, charm and talent, was able to achieve serious success in her career.

Daria is a two-time winner of the Russian film award "Nika" for the best female roles of the first and second plan in the films "Live and Remember" and "Fool".

The actresses, whose appearance does not fit into the framework and standards of society, are remembered by the viewer not only because of the excellent play and talent, but also because of the extraordinary appearance. What seems to someone a disadvantage, is highly valued by another viewer, which is why it is not standard beautiful women quite often manage to become stars of the first magnitude and make a considerable contribution to the history of theatrical and cinematic art.