In the divorce of Jolie and Pete blame tattoo?

Insiders have offered an unusual version of the separation of actors.

The divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to this day remains the most notorious conflict of the western show business. And while the stars divide children and acquired property, the sources unravel the reason for their sudden cooling to each other. More recently, insiders advanced an unusual version of a divorce. Allegedly, the blame is the pair tattoos of the actors that they made during their trip to Cambodia. Sacral patterns on the body had a special meaning - according to the rules, having them people should not curse, drink alcohol or change the second half. But they can only be applied by a Thai shaman.

Three years after the appearance of the tattoo of the couple, the journalists were able to find out that the "stuffed" them was not a shaman, but an ordinary monk, who was even forbidden to touch women. This is the reason for the discord in the family of actors, according to some sources.