Andrei Arshavin again caught in treason

Drunk football player first had fun in a strip club, and then rode horseback riding girls around Moscow at night.

Football player Andrei Arshavin was again in the center of the scandal. The other day on the web there was a video with his participation. An athlete is having fun in Moscow at night. According to the source, first, Andrei walked in an expensive street-tease club, and then wanted to continue the evening in the company of two girls. Together with them, he decided to ride horses, but then refused to pay for his trip.

The video got a quarrel, where with Arshavin require another thousand rubles, which he should owe for his entertainment.

Interestingly, the video also shows the kisses of Andrew with his companions.

Arshavin's wife, Alice, has not yet commented on what happened, while earlier she had already caught the unfaithful spouse for treason.