Fashionable failures of Penelope Cruz: images that she clearly is not to face

Any popular actress can make mistakes in choosing clothes that become real fashion failures. Unsuccessful outfits Penelope Cruz clearly confirm this.

Clothing in the small peas is not all. A dress of ultrashort length with an unfortunate cut and a similar pattern does not adorn a star.

These shades of beige Penelope Cruz are contraindicated because they blend with her skin color.

The actress clearly has a weakness for uncomplicated sundresses. Such clothes will forgive her, depriving sexuality of the star.

The colorful black and white pattern also does not suit the Spanish beauty, because it distracts attention from the figure and the face.

A huge bow on the fifth point is not the most stylish solution for the red carpet.

The combination of transparent material, sequins, tulle and deep cleavage in one dress is a clear stylish slip.

The actress has beautiful breasts, which she doesn’t always get to emphasize. At this dress, the neckline looks awkward.

And in this photo strikes excessive nudity. The combination of a deep cut and frank neckline is unacceptable from the point of view of style, and the figure visually spoiled.

Penelope Cruz has no really serious fashion failures. But sometimes the star makes obvious mistakes when choosing clothes.