Alexandra Revva accused of plagiarism

If the showman does not prove his authorship on the lie detector, he will have to pay 4 million rubles.

Alexander Revva, a musician, humorist and actor, got into the center of a major scandal. The conflict spun around the recent hit artist "Chika". A certain Ruslan Kagarmanov from Sochi claims that the composition belongs to him. Moreover, as Ruslan noted, he wrote this song two years ago, and he has quite a few witnesses who are ready to confirm this. At the same time, Revva uses the track without the consent of the author, the Sochi musician believes.

Kagarmanov filed a lawsuit in which he demanded that Alexander completely abandoned the performance of the song. However, Revva simply ignored the claims of the scribe. Therefore, now Ruslan has changed the essence of the claim and asks the court to oblige the singer to pay him 4 million rubles. In addition, the new statement contains a requirement to send Alexander to a lie detector test. The humorist has not commented on Ruslan’s words so far, but he has already attracted his lawyers to the case.