Bella Hadid Criticized Bodycheamers

According to fans, the model promotes anorexia with its new pictures.

The new photo session of the model Bella Hadid did not cause such a reaction as the girl expected. Having laid out the photo publication in Instagram, the star became the target of bodyscaler persecution. In the pictures, Bella is posing in a bathing suit at the fitting scheduled before the Victoria's Secret show. In the caption to the photo, Hadid indiscreetly indicated that she was now in excellent shape.

Followers disagreed with her. In some photos, instead of a slender figure and feminine forms, only protruding ribs are visible.

According to body builders, with these frames the model shows unreal volumes of the figure, which can only be achieved using anorexia. After some time, the girl added to the signature that certain types of shapes can react too actively to a healthy lifestyle and sports.