Masha Rasputina overdone with Photoshop: you can't spend the hayters!

The singer so thoroughly retouched the figure that she almost “deprived herself” of her navel.

55-year-old Masha Rasputina pleases fans with pictures from life. Often she puts out pretty candid shots showing off a great figure. It happened the other day when Rasputin posted a photo in a bikini. Followers immediately admired the forms of the singer, who keeps himself in good shape.

But there were also more attentive commentators who saw that the area around the thighs and the abdomen of the star was "smeared". This happens if it is inept to apply filters in Photoshop. The retouch is so strong that the navel of the singer has almost disappeared. Users chided Rasputin and wished to be more honest on instagram.