The vocalist of the group "Masha and the Bears" beat. Who and for what?

The injured 41-year-old Maria Makarova was diagnosed with a concussion and serious bodily injuries. The actress filed a petition with the law enforcement authorities and explained the cause of the emergency.

According to the vocalist of the group “Masha and the Bears”, the excess has arisen on domestic soil. Maria Makarova was outraged by the behavior of questionable people who wanted to take an apartment from a neighbor. The singer tried to protect the pensioner - Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Kulygin, to whom, after the death of his wife, a young couple appeared and presented documents, allegedly confirming their rights to a part of the apartment.

Makarova, as a pensioner’s neighbor, decided to talk with strangers. But, according to Maria, they behaved aggressively and immediately attacked her. Now the victim is being treated at home. "Now I feel fine, they have defined a concussion, they said it wasn’t working for some time," the singer said.