Cristiano Ronaldo accused of rape

An American woman appealed to the court, claiming that the footballer forced her to intimacy 9 years ago.

Football player Cristiano Ronaldo was in the center of the scandal. 34-year-old American Catherine Mayorga filed a lawsuit in which she stated that the man had outraged her. According to her, everything happened in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009. Then Ronaldo played for Real Madrid.

As noted in the lawsuit, Ronaldo ignored the girl's refusals and raped her. According to the woman, after everything that happened, the football player knelt before her and admitted that by 99% he is a good guy, but the remaining percentage spoils everything.

According to media reports, in January 2010, the football player paid a rather large amount to hush up the scandal and not bring the case to court. However, now the victim is about to break the previous agreement.